Cow Productions

Cow Productions offers videography services to capture your art in motion. Displaying your art in a living breathing way is ideal for fully expressing your passion. Tom Lupton specializes in music and fashion videos. For more information please contact us!


capturing music & fashion
in a cool way


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The Urban Shaman

Directed and Edited by Tom Lupton
”Infinite Energy” written and performed by The Urban Shaman.
Recorded at


Directed and Edited by Tom Lupton
"Shakin'" written and performed by The CRY!
From "Dangerous Game: US Edition (2014)
Recorded at Red Lantern Studios


The Slutty Hearts


Portland, Oregon rock-and-roll band goes new wave with the first video from "No-Tell Motel," on Cassingle and Loving It Records. "Driving, new-wave pop that's sure to go down as smooth as the Jell-O shots you'll be lining up all night."-Portland Mercury "Animal Things" is off the Slutty Hearts' Jan.


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Art + Craft + Human


A short hair film by Lindsey Lea and Morgan Tillman
Filmed in Portland, Oregon
Model - Miranda Larson
Shot by Tom Lupton and Erica Vincent Cow Productions 2017
Running Up That Hill - Chromatics